Preview: Match & Fuse (with Sinema City) at Vortex, 26th January

Match & Fuse is a project with a European dimension which was  formed out of Dave Morecroft’s critically acclaimed band World Service Project. Their aim is to provide links between the UK jazz artists and their contemporaries from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, bringing them to the UK (with the help of their residency once every two months at the Vortex).

In 2012, they really made themselves known with their first two day festival at the Vortex (clips of which you can watch HERE) and a sold-out show at the London Jazz Festival in November further cemented their position.

On Saturday the 26th January (2013), Match & Fuse team up with Sinema City, a project which aims to bring progressive music to warehouse parties, or in their words: “Nights of excellent sentiments, involving candid music, both from actual people on a raised platform and from recorded media, and certainly beverages..”

The acts are:

Tubix, an Italian band who recently released their debut album Il Mondo Stava Finendo (The World was Ending) and take their inspiration from 70’s sci-fi film music, prog and funk

Honey Ride Me a Goat are described as “ultra tight, gnarly progressive-avant-punk.” They have been playing together since they were children (growing up in Kent) and have an extended EP recorded with the late Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) due for release in the spring of 2013

Psylus are another English band inspired by jazz, hiphop and electronic music. They had a packed-out show at the London Jazz Festival (Queen Elizabeth Hall). 

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