Preview: First Night of Chaos Collective at the Vortex – Weds 20th Feb

Elliot Galvin writes:

Next Wednesday evening (20th Feb 2013) the Vortex will play host to the first of a brand new series of bi-monthly gigs put on by Chaos Collective.

We are really excited by this new collaboration with the Vortex.

The evening begins with a set from the band Blue-Eyed Hawk. Co-led by all band members: Lauren Kinsella voice, Laura Jurd trumpet, Alex Roth guitar and Corrie Dick drums, these formidable improvisers blend melodic composition with free improvisation seamlessly, creating a situation for the listener where anything could happen, but when it does it still comes as a surprise. I can’t recommend this band enough; every time I have seen them it has been truly beautiful.

The main performance is of a new piece written and directed by me, entitled Decomposition. The idea behind this was to assemble a small ensemble of improvisers who don’t need a composer to be able to perform together, and then write something for them. Because of this, the piece removes itself from the performance gradually throughout the duration of the set, becoming more and more open, until eventually the performers are completely free. The musicians I have chosen are:

Oren Marshall: Tuba
Rob Cope: Clarinet
Laura Jurd: Trumpet
Alex Roth: Guitar
Simon Roth: Percussion

Writing for all of these musicians was a real pleasure, especially Oren, whose playing I have admired for a while, and whom I feel very privileged to have as the special guest in this project. 

Doors – 8:00pm, music from 8:30pm Tickets – £8

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