Preview: Gabriel Garrick – Two Album Launches, Spice of Life, 14th March

Gabriel Garrick writes:

On Thursday the 14th March at the Spice Of Life at 8pm; I am launching two début albums at one gig.

It’s a little unorthodox I know, but for multifarious reasons I have had a spurt of individual productivity over the last year and have recorded my first two CDs at long last, at the mature age of 40.


The first is by my Standards Septet and the album is called Song For My Father. It is a tribute and thanksgiving to my dad.

It has 14 tracks, most of which are standards including Song For My Father, ‘Mood Indigo’, ‘In A Mellotone’, ‘Out Of Nowhere’, ‘Cherokee’, ‘What Is This Thing Called Love’ and ‘Bye Bye Blues’, which is quite simply in my opinion, an under played tune these days. It has a great melody and has an engaging and fun structure to improvise on. I was inspired to include it when I heard a version featuring Dizzy Gillespie with, I think Lionel Hampton’s band from 1940. Ripping stuff! There are other standards as well as four originals.

The CD features: 
Martin Hathaway – Alto/Clarinet
Jon Stokes – Trombone
Martin Kolarides – Guitar
Peter James – Piano
Joe Pettitt – Bass
Patrick Davey – Drums

I’m particularly happy to have the seamless swinging King Candy and The Sugar Push rhythm section on my album Song For My Father. ‘King Candy…’ is a 30s-40s 9 piece swing band run by Jon Shenoy and featuring Kate Mullins of the Puppini Sisters which I play in. Also to have my old friends Martin Hathaway and Peter James on board is a privilege that spans the years!



The second album is by my original quintet and is called Sunlight. This has been my project for writing original material over the last 6 years and it used to feature Dad. Unfortunately he passed before this album was made so the very capable Will Bartlett has filled the piano chair. Link here:

The material is mostly mine except for an arrangement of the standard ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ and a duet with William Bartlett of a tune of Dad’s called ‘Blind Faith’. It also features a piece called ‘All Because of You’, which is really a dedication to the close loved ones in my life; my mum, dad, and wife in particular. It is a generic thanksgiving for one to express gratitude! A gentle and melodic bossa nova to denote a simple but wholesome feeling incumbent in us all.

The CD features:

Sam Walker – Tenor
William Bartlett – Piano
Matt Ridley – Bass
Chris Nickolls – Drums

I would like to make a special mention about Will Bartlett who plays the piano and Rhodes on Sunlight. Will is an extremely talented and versatile musician who is a real joy to have in the quintet. His treatment of my tunes is poignant and beautiful with very little need to direct him in any way, he adapts naturally to the demands of the material a bit like slipping on a very comfortable pair of slippers..!

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