Jez Nelson previews ‘Loop meets Chaos’ at the Vortex March 2nd


JEZ NELSON previews an evening (Saturday March 2nd) when two bands from the Loop Collective – Tom Challenger’s Brass Mask and Fofoulah a band from the Chaos Collective – the Laura Jurd Quartet. The late night DJ set from 11pm to 2am is from Soundspecies DJ Oliver Keen . 

JezNelson writes: 

The rule of three states that things that come in trios are inherently more fun, satisfying and perfect. Well I don’t know about perfect but this is one hell of a triple bill.

I’ve seen all of these bands recently, and each offers a window on the explosion of British jazz talent we’re lucky to be witnessing right now.

Laura Jurd’s compositional skills are way beyond her years and she’s a skilled and impassioned trumpet player to boot. Her blend of chamber and jazz influences is a glorious thing.

Tom Challenger is well named – each of his projects seems to challenge the form and refuse to be constrained by rules or tradition. Brass Mask is a brave brass (and percussion) collective boasting some of my fave horn players of the day – George Crowley, Rory Simmons and Tom himself.

I saw Fofoulah just last night at my Jazz In The Round night and again was blown away by what is a really special group. Their tunes are based on West African praise song and built around the extraordinary communication of the Sabar drums – but at times the ensemble manage to reach moments of groove based trance, a little like the Master Drummers Of Joujouka. Biram Seck has a voice that will woo and wow you. Oh and this is a dance band – the perfect way to end your night.

Saturday 2nd March @ The Vortex
8pm to 2am

£12/10, then free after 11pm The Vortex Jazz Club 11 Gillett Square London N16 8AZ 

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