Erik Truffaz – CD , El Tiempo de la Revolución/ Ronnie Scott’s 25 March

Nerdy fact time: since last year there have been not just one, but, wait for it, two Swiss-born musicians with a silent final ‘Z’ in their surnames in the Erik Truffaz Quartet .

The eponymous bandleader is one. The other is Benoît Corboz. He’s the son of the legendary Swiss choral and orchestral conductor Michel Corboz, who at the age of 79, from recent interviews is still bright and breezy and in his own Baroque spring.  Michel’s son Benoît is a keyboard player and producer/ engineer.  He’s run the successful Flon recording studio in central Lausanne, for many years.

The group, with its new keyboard player, has a new CD out, El Tiempo de la Revolución (Blue Note France), recorded at Flon.

I enjoyed the range of sounds Corboz produces on Hammond and Fender Rhodes, I liked the moments where Truffaz softens his tone to that of an alto flute… but in all honesty I probably shouldn’t have offered to review the CD. For me it’s too background-y, chill-out lounge-y, laid-back-y insistent backbeat-y. It has three vocal tracks by Anna Aaron, aimed at smooth radio. Yes, Truffaz likes to interact musically with vocalists, but has also had the honesty in an interview to declare why he has vocals on his records: “If you don’t have a singer on your disc you don’t have any chance of getting on the radio in France It’s important to have a singer: you sell more records.”

But as a live band – video above- they seem a far more lively proposition.

Ronnie Scott’s Monday 25th March.  

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