Podcast: Interview with Georgia Mancio

Interview with Georgia Mancio by LondonJazz

Georgia Mancio talks to LondonJazz about her spring/summer tour 2013 that runs from 7th April (beginning with a gig at the 606) and finishing 31st July (at the Manchester Jazz Festival). The tour sees her playing all over the country with a duo, a trio and her regular quartet.

We also talk about her annual jazz vocal festival ReVoice!.

The Duo:
Georgia Mancio (vocals), Nigel Price (guitar)

The Trio:
Georgia Mancio, Nigel Price, Julie Walkington (bass)

The Quartet:
Georgia Mancio, Tim Lapthorn (piano), Julie Walkington, Dave Ohm (drums)

Musical Extracts:

Georgia Mancio Duo: Alone Together – 02:52

Georgia Mancio Quartet: Solace – 07:42

Georgia Mancio Trio: Falling in Love with Love – 09:45

For more information, extracts, and tour dates visit Georgia’s WEBSITE.

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