Preview: Alex Hutton Trio (with Asaf Sirkis and Yuri Goloubev) Presents The Friday Gathering Nolias11

Alex Hutton at Nolias11

Alex Hutton writes:

For those that haven’t yet visited , the moment you enter the front doors there’s an artistic feeling about the place that’s very welcoming. The restaurant serving amazing Malay French Cuisine is the main meeting place. (I always say the food and service is the real reason I’m drawn there every week )

The music room downstairs is where we play – to an atmosphere that makes every gig a unique concert. There’s very little background noise because the bar is upstairs – so no clanking / coffee machine/ ice machine noise – its just music . It really makes a difference to the intensity. I treat it like a concert rather than a gig. Each week I either like to compose some new music, arrange repertoire from the most unlikely sources or collaborate with a guest artist. So its always different – The only constant is the amazingly versatile drummer Stu Ritchie, and me.

This month is pretty unique;

Friday 12th April – Some new arrangements of cult 60’s band ‘The Doors’ music. Augmented by Jim Rattigan (French Horn) and Henrik Jensen (b) We will mainly play from ‘La Women’ and my favourite – and the certainly most colourful – ‘Soft Parade’ .

And while we are happily roaming around in the 60’s psychedelia –

Friday 19th April – re-interpretations of Beach Boys melodic gems , featuring the unique sultry voice of Zoe Devlin ( formerly of Alabama3) playing mostly from ‘Pet Sounds’ and ‘Smile’ , (and probably less about surfing and cars – anyway they couldn’t surf , that was a myth. …Well Dennis Wilson got his toes wet for a while but unfortunately fell off a boat and drowned in ‘79.)

So come on down to Nolias11. Let us draw you in .

Time: 9-12pm adm £5.

NOLIAS11 (a short walk from Waterloo)

56 Stamford St, London, SE1 9LX , tel 0207 79289366

http://www.nolia11.com – Facebook Nolias11

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