Kit Downes – Jazz In The Round

Kit Downes, Lucy Railton, Calum Gourlay, James Allsopp, James Maddren
Jazz in the Round. Photo credit: Roger Thomas
Kit Downes‘ Quintet was headlining the monthly triple bill at Jazz In The Round at the Cockpit Theatre last night. A spell-bindingly quiet set, in which one stand-out moment was Jan Johansson which starts and ends with James Maddren exploring at the borders of silence. The whole set was played acoustically, and part of it accompanied animations by Lesley Barnes – moot point, perhaps it’s the animations which accompany the music (?)

Rob Edgar has interviewed Kit Downes about this project.

Chris Parker has reviewed the CD: “at once immediately accessible and richly rewarding, revealing hidden felicities each time it is listened to.” (released on Basho Records)

Last night’s gig is being broadcast on Jazz on 3 on Monday May 6th.

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