Loz Speyer’s Inner Space Music – Contretemps at the Vortex

Just posted on Youtube: Inner Space Music at the Vortex – Left to right: Chris Biscoe, Olie Brice, Loz Speyer, Rachel Musson, Simon Roth . . The camera diligently catches everything, then discreetly disappears into the Stygian depths of the bell of Chris Biscoe’s alto sax at 9:59.

From their website: The original line-up which toured and recorded the album “Five Animal Dances” featured Chris Biscoe, bassist Julie Walkington, and star drummer Seb Rochford. Then as Seb’s own career took off, the wonderful Graham Fox held the drum chair, until his untimely and tragic death in 2011. Olie Brice joined the band in 2008 and Rachel in 2010. A recording of this quintet line-up with Graham Fox will be available soon…. And now Simon Roth has now joined the group, filling the drum role perfectly from the word GO!

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  1. Thank you for posting this!
    The latest is that the recordings we made with Graham Fox are now available on a slim limited edition CD – you can buy it for £7 at jazzcds: http://www.jazzcds.co.uk/artist_id_138
    Ill be writing more on this somewhere here sometime soon…

    and there's a total of six videos up on youtube from our Vortex gig last month (beautifully filmed with minimal equipment):

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