Herbie Tsoaeli’ s African Time wins jazz SAMA

Veteran bassist Herbie Tsoaeli‘s African Time, his debut album as leader, on the Sheersound label, has just won the SAMA Award for South African jazz album of the year at the 19th awards. It was one of Sebastian’s top albums of 2012 , and reviewed live – as one of the stand-out gigs of the 2012 Cape Town Jazz Festival, HERE. A good background article is HERE.

The other nominees were:

Kyle ShepherdSouth African History IX
Lindiwe MaxoloTime
Tutu PuoaneBreathe

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  1. Hey,A merited win for an astonishing album with profundity and degree,from a craftsman with far reaching background,family and class [his duty in this industry properly paid].Genuine and authoritative distinguishment and recognition for an irrefutably brilliant talent, and album – that encapsulates and exemplifies Herbie Tsoaeli and all his changed encounters and expressions of love, life – and everything else and in the middle.Well done!
    ~Allyson Park.


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