Arts Council / PRS open applications for "Momentum Fund" for "contemporary popular genres". – 1st closing date 28th June

Arts Council England are putting £500,000 over two years into a grant scheme for established bands in “a broad range of contemporary popular genres, including innovative and emerging genres”. In the pre-launch phase it was called the Music Industry Talent Development Fund. It has just been baptised as Momentum Music Fund.

ACE have their own quite specific strategic priorities (LISTED HERE) which they will endeavour to fulfil via the fund, but will not be running it themselves. They have chosen a “delivery partner” to run it, and with whom applicants will deal: PRS for Music Foundation.

Here are the lengthy (1400 word) APPLICATION GUIDELINES. Eligible bands need to get a password to open the application form from applications (@) prsformusicfoundation (.)com. The first of the scheme’s four closing dates is 28th June 2013.

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