28th May 6 30pm. Seminar/debate – Follow The Money: Can The Business Of Ad-Funded Piracy Be Throttled?

On next Tuesday May 28th there is a seminar/ debate produced by Musictank at Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW. Start time is 6.30pm. Advance booking only – no walk ups on the day.

Here’s Musictank’s blurb:

Recent debates on how to tackle infringement are increasingly focusing on the role of advertising in bankrolling unlicensed services.

Piracy is not some romantic fantasy of rebellious teenagers sharing music and sticking it to the man; it is brand-sponsored – with advertisements for major blue chip FTSE and Fortune 500 corporations being served systematically to the most nefarious corners of the Web on an industrial scale – keeping the likes of MP3Ape and 4Shared in business, while diverting much-needed revenues from the pockets of creators.

Focusing on brand-sponsored piracy is creating a new common ground between Big Tech and the content industries, but can it be stopped, even if the will is there?

On May 28th, MusicTank will explore this subject in some detail, considering whether it might be possible to throttle brand-sponsored piracy, even if the appetite to do so exists.

The session will also examine the wider relationships between music and Big Tech and ask whether we are approaching a tipping point, away from the adversarial lobbying that typified the last decade, and towards a future based on more fruitful commercial partnerships.

David Lowery (Artist & Commentator ) and Theo Bertram (UK Policy Manager, Google ) will be key speakers at this event.

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