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  1. The Jazz Times article has been taken down. I find no corroborating evidence that Mulgrew Miller has in fact passed away. Can you confirm independently that the story is accurate?

  2. Thank you. There has indeed been quite a bit of confusion. As I write, the JazzTimes story has been restored, and the NY Times now carries the article which I have linked to.

  3. Mulgrew Miller was not only a great player but a great man. Warm and generous and was responsible for the stewardship of many UK Jazz Musicians. My brother Julian Joseph has flown to the US to attend Mulgrew's funeral. Mulgrew called Julian little brother and he called him big brother. A tragic loss to our music he will be missed but his music and generosity lives on. Back home to Glory!

  4. Some of my closest friends are mourning the loss of a great artist, mentor and inspiring musician. Mulgrew left far too early … and he will be hugely missed by all of us.

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