Preview: Moonlight Saving Time at Pizza Express Dean Street. 24th June

Moonlight Saving Time at Brecon Jazz Festival 2011

Nick Malcolm writes:

I have to declare an interest in writing a preview for this gig; I’m the trumpet player in Moonlight Saving Time, so I can’t pretend to convince you that this is one of the most exciting groups in young UK jazz, nor that leader Emily Wright is one of its most beautifully expressive young vocalists with any kind of objectivity. I’ll just tell you why I love playing with this band so much.

I love it because Emily’s musical vision amalgamates the freest improvisation with grooves that compel you to move. Because the haunting ambiguity of her voice blends as well with my trumpet as any saxophonist I’ve shared a front line with. Because Dale Hambridge, Mark Whitlam and Will Harris’s rhythm section has the deep pocket and swinging telepathy that comes from years of playing together. I get to play the Blues, play changes, play in seven, play free. To celebrate the best of my home city, Bristol, in my new city, London.

This band are my closest friends and most demanding colleagues. We’ve been lucky enough to sell out Brecon Jazz Festival, to win a grant from the Musicians Benevolent Fund, and now to play one of the hippest clubs in London. Without any bias (of course!) I’d make sure you’re there.


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