Podcast: Interview with Jeff Williams (Part 1 of 3)

Interview with Jeff Williams Part 1 by Jeff Williams, LondonJazz

Jeff Williams has done a three-part interview with us. Part 1 covers his life until the move to the UK from 2001. It is a fascinating story involving Miles Davis, Dave Holland, Thelonius Monk, Stan Getz , Hermeto Pascoal

The full list of the musicians that are woven into this extraordinary story is below (along with the times in which they appear), and links to music from two of  the bands Jeff talked to us about, The Ant Trip Ceremony and Lookout Farm.

Part 2 (to be added later) covers the period since the move to the UK, and Part 3 is about the new album The Listener.


Altschul, Barry 6: 40
Ant Trip Ceremony, The 4: 50 (YOU TUBE LINK HERE)
Badal, Roy 9: 58
Beirach, Richie 9:54
Blakey, Art 11: 50
Copland, Marc 7:40
Corea, Chick 6:29 – 7:10
Davis, Miles 2:39 – 4:02
Dawson, Alan 4:15 – 6:00
DeJohnette, Jack 8:14
Getz, Stan 5: 38 – 9:49
Hall, Al 2:55
Hays, Kevin 14:15
Holland, Dave 6:29 – 8:00
Jamal, Ahmad 1:27
Liebman, Dave 9:54
Lookout Farm 11:42 (YOU TUBE LINK HERE – music starts after almost a minute of applause)
Monk, Thelonious 6:08
Pascoal, Hermeto 12:25 – 13: 44
Tusa, Frank 9:58
Zimmerli Patrick 14:15

There is much more on Jeff Williams’ Willful Music WEBSITE

Photo Credit on player: Ben Lieberman

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