Podcast: Interview with Man Overboard (CD Launch Vortex Tues Jun 18th)

Interview with Man Overboard by LondonJazz

We spoke to guitarist Jean-Marie Fagon and violinist Thomas Gould about All Hands on Deck, the new album by  Man Overboard, which will be launched on 18th June at the Vortex.

 Future dates:

– Quecumbar, 8th July
– Kings Place Hall Two, 14th September as part of the 104-event Kings Place Festival).

Left to right in the photo above: Jean-Marie Fagon, Louisa Jones, Ewan Bleach, Dave O’Brien, Thomas Gould.

It is the band’s début album and was recorded in 2012 on Champs Hill Records, sleeve-notes by Sebastian.

Vortex tickets HERE (close to sold out)

QuecumBar tickets HERE

Kings Place tickets HERE

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  1. Thanks Seb for an entertaining and intelligent interview and above all for the introduction to a delightful little band. Next, to buy the CD!

    All best


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