Klangforum Wien at Kings Place 26th June

Klangforum Wien. Photo credit: Lukas Beck

Robert Rusconi, who is curating next Wednesday’s concert by Klangforum Wien, and whose piece De materia nigra et obscura is being premiered, writes: 

Since its foundation by Beat Furrer in 1985, the ensemble Klangforum Wien has made the virtuoso skills of each of its performers a signature feature, and has enjoyed international acclaim for nearly three decades.

At Kings Place Wednesday 26th June you can enjoy the string quartet (Annette Bik and Sophie Schafleitner, violins, Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola and Benedikt Leitner, cello) who have been at the very core of the Ensemble since its inception, with new pianist Jonas Ahonen who represents the ‘New Wave’ of the Ensemble.

They will be playing one of chamber masterpieces of recent years “spur” by Klangforum founder Beat Furrer, and a premiere of a new work I’ve written: De materia nigra et obscura.

The background to my new work is as follows:

The last millennium an incredible scientific revolution has deeply invested our approach to reality. The most important recent discovery is the existence of dark matter , the so called Higgs Boson . The concepts of space and time now unified constantly interact with dark matter entwining in curve along four dimensions where every physical and acoustic parameter gets transformed and perceived in different shades of spatial and temporal variety.

In this new work a set of variations projects a single spectral projection against an ideal wall of silence . As in the experiments at LHC , multiple and different are the outcomes that the composer, almost like an observing scientist, follows. The framework rises, with the composer’s control, naturally assembling trajectories and transformations, gravities, densities and directionality and finally recomposing the sound particle itself only at the end, in a suspended chorale .

Being contemporary musicians and intellectuals in this society, we must constantly try to discover new possibilities of knowledge and creation. Some concepts and ideas are stale; today it is absolutely necessary to place the imagination in the foreground as much as possible and reconnect to the communication of pure poetical universes. 

Robert Rusconi will be officially representing UK at the ISCM Music Days in Vienna this year. 


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