Podcast: Interview with Keith Tippett – Preview of Vortex Residency Aug 15th-17th

Interview with Keith Tippett by Keith Tippett, LondonJazz

Keith Tippett spoke to us, by phone, about his three night residency at the Vortex, 15-17th August.

15th:  accompanying Julie Tippetts as she recites her poetry, plus a performance of his String Quartet and Piano Quintet (subtitled Linuckia, Tippett will play the piano part) by the Elysian Quartet.

16th: world premiere of Tippett’s new piece The Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogon, inspired by his Irish heritage. It features:

Fulvio Sigurta – trumpet/flugel
Sam Mayne – alto sax/clarinet/flute
James Gardner-Bateman – alto sax/flute
Kieran Mcleod – trombone
Rob Harvey – trombone
Tom McCredie – bass
Peter Fairclough – drums/perc
Keith Tippett – piano/composer

17th: an “evening of spontaneous composition”. Keith Tippett and Julie Tippetts will we be joined by members of the Elysian Quartet (minus violinist Emma Smith) for free improv, “the architecture being complete when the last notes have decayed”. This is the first time the ensemble have performed together.

More information HERE

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