Embla – A Thousand Times New Album Released Today

Rory Simmons writes:

Today I am pleased to announce the release of a new EP I have been working on, with a new project called Embla. Although primarily a studio project thus far, we have played a handful of gigs around London, more as a chance to hone the written material and sound world of the band, than anything else.

Embla has recorded 6 songs co-written by myself and Swedish singer Emilia Mårtensson, with the EP being produced by me, drummer Dave De Rose and bass player Jonathan Harvey. Though the more group aesethic of this project probably leans away from me introducing each of the musicians by name and giving their resume, I can’t really quell the excitement and stop myself from telling you about these people and how amazing they are.

Emilia is one of the most engaging singers around, her poise and communication is absolutely compelling. Her contribution to Kairos 4tet and her own album on Babel; And So It Goes demonstrate her versatility and unique sound. Co-writing these songs with her has been a beautiful experience, her depth of phrasing, and her tone ranging from pure to beautifully fragile. Producing and recording this EP with Dave De Rose and Jonathan Harvey has also been thoroughly inspiring, their restlessly creative drive and meticulous approach to making this music as perfect yet real as possible.

With Embla, we have attempted to write songs which aren’t driven by improvisation, but are unmistakably routed in our involvement in jazz/electronica/alt pop and folk. We have been listening to Hanne Hukkelberg/Little Dragon/Scott Walker/Susanna and The Magical Orchestra as creative reference points and tried to forge something distinctive and original with songs that are our own.

This self-released EP is available today from bandcamp, it’s only £4 for the 6 track EP, we really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

And we are working on the second EP already!…

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