News: Two Bass-Themed Concerts at Guildhall – Alec Dankworth (14th November), and Geoff Gascoyne’s 50th Birthday (22nd November)

The Karr-Koussevitzky (attr. Amati Bass)  – Photo: Creative Commons 

Alec Dankworth will be visiting the Guildhall School on the 14th November (2013) to direct a concert of big band and small group music written by his late father Sir John Dankworth (and featuring some surprise special guests).

It is also a celebration of of the Wavendon Foundation’s donation of a double bass (not the one above) to the School’s jazz department, and will be the first jazz performance in the school’s Milton Court Concert Hall.

In other (related) news, the 22nd of November will see a concert (part of the London Jazz Festival 2013) to mark the 50th Birthday of Guildhall professor Geoff Gascoyne, and will feature Guildhall musicians with special guests including Jim Mullen (guitar), Tom Cawley (piano), Martin Hathaway (alto), Trudy Kerr (voice), and Ian Shaw (voice).

Dankworth concert tickets HERE

Geoff Gascoyne 50th Birthday Concert tickets HERE

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