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Daily Telegraph gives active coverage to ending of Russell Davies Radio 2 Sunday show

The decision by BBC Radio 2 to bring to an end Russell Davies’ Sunday night show has been very actively covered by the Telegraph. First to flag up the story was Gillian Reynolds in her round-up of changes at Radio 2, in which she described him as “a first-rate broadcaster of unusual intellectual range who talks to us intimately but with well-mannered humour.” “Can Radio 2 afford to lose a presenter who understands his audience so well?”, she asked.

Mick Brown has also raised the issue in a substantial comment piece arguing that the axeing of the show “robs us to a vital link with the past.”

In a third piece, Russell Davies himself was interviewed about the decision: “If there is no one on Radio 2 who knows about the standard [.] songs, it is a great shame. There are some people who are being increasingly poorly served by the BBC. People like me, in the BBC local radio firmament as well, are disappearing. I don’t think age has a lot to do with it. I think it is the kind of song. The well written song that was pioneered by the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and the Gershwin duo. It is more [to do with] that catalogue: I don’t know what [Radio 2] have got against that. I think there’s a risk that the longer memory of music is being lost from the station … It’s a complete waste.”

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