NEWS: Lineup for ReVoice! 2013 Announced

Award-winning vocalist Georgia Mancio has just announced the 4th edition of her annual ReVoice! festival – held over ten days (from 10th – 19th October), with over forty artists – at Pizza Express, Dean St.

We spoke to Georgia earlier this morning, and asked her to give a flavour of a couple of the gigs: “I’m really pleased to be presenting Carmen Souza, an artist based here and in Portugal who has just taken off all round the world. To hear her in a small London club is going to be something really special.

I’m also excited about Barbara Raimondi and Tony Kofi; last time she was at Revoice it was in a Latin trio performing gentle and beautiful Cuban songs. This is the flip side – Reinventing Ornette Coleman…transcribed solos with lyrics…only a great singer could do that!”

The festival (which opens with the deep Kansas City baritone of Kevin Mahogany, heir to the tradition of Joe Williams and Jonny Hartman, and closes with the Texan Soul of Carleen Anderson) will also feature artists like Tina May, Allan Harris, and Sofia Rei, each gig supported by Mancio with a variety of guests.

Full Listings Below:

Thursday 10 and Friday 11 October
KEVIN MAHOGANY  with James Pearson (pno), Mark Hodgson (bs), Dave Ohm (drms)
Georgia Mancio and Nikki Iles (pno)
(thu 10) 8.30pm, doors 7pm £20
(fri 11) 9pm, doors 7.30pm £20

Saturday 12 October
ALLAN HARRIS (voice/gtr)
with Robin Aspland (pno), Larry Bartley (bs), Dave Ohm (drms)
+ Georgia Mancio and Nigel Price (gtr)
9pm, doors 7.30pm £20

Sunday 13 October
Singin’ Ornette
with Furio di Castri(bs), Enzo Zirilli (drms)
+ Georgia Mancio and Ross Stanley (pno)
8pm, doors 6.30pm £20

Monday 14 October
with Geoff Gascoyne (bs), Enzo Zirilli (drms)
+ Georgia Mancio and Dave Chamberlain (bs)
8.30pm, doors 7pm £20

Tuesday 15 October
CARMEN SOUZA (voice/gtr)
withBen Burrell (pno), Theo Pas’cal (bs), Elias Kacomanolis (drms)
Georgia Mancio and Jim Mullen (gtr)
8.30pm, doors 7pm £20

Wednesday 16 October BEADY BELLE
Georgia Mancio and Grant Windsor (pno)
8.30pm, doors 7pm £20

Thursday 17 October
SOFIA REI (vocals, charango, loops)
with Jorge Roeder (double bass), Tupac Mantilla (percussion)
Georgia Mancio and Maurizio Minardi (accordion, pno)
8.30pm, doors 7pm £20

Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October
with Tom Cawley (pno), Al Cherry (gtr), Sam Burgess (Fri 18) / Laurence Cottle (Sat 19) (bs), Simon Lea (drms)
Georgia Mancio and Robert Mitchell (pno)
9pm, doors 7.30pm £35

More information and tickets HERE

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