RIP Kris Goessens (1967-2013) – with updates

Jazzenzo and Slipped Disc report the suicide on Wednesday of Belgian- (Aalst) born pianist composer Kris Goessens, at the age of 46. Goessens had lived for a time in New York and built a fine reputation, working extensively with Bob Brookmeyer. He also had a fine trio with Dré Pallemaerts and Ricardo Del Fra.  He was prominent member of the Dutch scene and taught at the conservatoires in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. His Monk Inside Out  with the Clazz Ensemble  was due to be performed next month. Tragic. 

UPDATEs: The Kris Goessens Facebook Page has many tributes.

His former colleagues in the Clazz Ensemble express their deep shock and their appreciation for everything he did (in Dutch) HERE.

Here is a quote from Bob Brookmeyer’s liner notes for his (Brookmeyer’s) Grammy-nominated 2004 Album Get Well Soon:

“Kris Goessens is one of the world’s best kept secrets, something he and I hope to alter soon, playing duo concert tours. He has a depth of feeling and touch that I find unequaled by anyone I have heard. He also has a quiet daring, use of space and register that break accepted barriers AND, patience, to allow an idea to unfold and fully speak. His language is his and he feels almost painfully the act of creation. I am unashamedly biased… My bias, however, is well founded and rarely given”.

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  1. From a Kris student born in Buenos Aires:
    I had the opportunity to hear him during a hole year (2002-2003). Kriss was an inspiring teacher, a great musician, and an extremely sophisticated pianist. Rest in peace Kris, we´ll keep you in our hearts.


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