Podcast: Interview with Ian Shaw (Part 2 of 2)

Interview with Ian Shaw Part 2 by Ian Shaw, LondonJazz

In this second and final part of our interview with Ian Shaw we focus more on a new project: a re-working of songs by Joni Mitchell. Shaw has learned all of her tunes and will be performing some of them, solo and with Claire Martin.

Shaw also talked about a visit to Guildhall School last autumn working with Malcolm Edmonstone and Guildhall students, and about another band he is involved with featuring pianist Barry Green, Mick Hutton and Dave Ohm (with special guest Fabrizio Bosso for some gigs) – a format Shaw looks forward to re-connecting with, having concentrated more on solo work and the big band format.

More information and full details of Ian Shaw’s gig schedule are HERE Part One on the Rye Festival is HERE

Musical Excerpt:

Joni Mitchell – For the Roses at 9:53

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