Derek Nash: "I’m doing a Gig at Poppies Fish and Chips tonight"…

Saxophonist Derek Nash wrote this morning on his Facebook page

“HELP !!! As i’m doing a Gig at at Poppies Fish and Chip shop tonight, I need a set list please??”

(he suggested three songs:)

Cod only knows
Things can only get Batter
There’s a plaice for us

Then the floodgates on Twitter and Facebook opened, with contributions from – among others, quite a band: Dave Douglas, Nigel Price, Dave Chamberlain, Julian Nicholas, Rachael Calladine, Conor Chaplin, Tom Mason,Craig Milverton. First the tunes:

oh mahi mahi
bernie’s tuna
ahi a rhapsody
lover manta
kiss me skate
bluefin green.
Straighten up and fry right
Tuna Up
Mack(erel) the knife
Cod bless the child
Body and Sole
Ring of Fire?
Two Bass Hit
food glorious food.
Can’t get no Satisfaction.
A Night in Tuna
Somewhere over the rainbow Trout?
You’re getting to be a Halibut with Me
Come fry with me
Sole SerenadeV (and for those who don’t eat fish) Fry Me a Liver Salmon Chanted Evening.
Blue Monkfish,
Weever of Dreams,
Darn that Bream…
frankie and john dory,
whelk you needn’t,
the way you fluke tonight,
bass desires,
try a little turbot-ness.
Hake five,
There’s a plaice for huss.
Come fry with me
Mackerel the knife…
It’s only Rock and Roe , but I like it
Sole survivor…
The Saveloy Stomp..
I only have pies for you
Fry me to the moon
Whale (Bud Powell)
Something by Gill Evans?
Clams for the memories
Fry me a (cod)liver.
GuessI’ll hang my kippers out to dry
Carp (e) diem baby- metallica
‘There’s a Plaice in the Sun’
Hake, rattle and role
‘Small town koi ‘
‘Anchovy in the UK.’
‘Walk this Ray
Salmon chanted evening
Cod bless the child
I’ve got u under my fin
Fry me a river
Cod on Bennett!!!
Smoke my Salmon
Lady be Cod
Skate ‘ing in central park
Skater’s Waltz
Snoekin’ Around
Moon Ray
We’ll Kipper Welcome In The Hillside
Tuna Up
Bernie’s Tuna
Snapper Yo’ Hands
Whale You Needn’t…
Cod For Sale.
We’re the squids in America
Dream a little Bream?
Shark the Herald Angels sing? (Xmas gig perhaps?)
Body and Sole
Fishes Brew
tunny jungle
Get Ron Chords on the case!
Salmon chanted evening
Dan Kelly Wooden chip be luverly
Sole Eyes
All the Fins You Are
Have You Met Fish Bones?
You Stepped Out of a Bream…..?
Chelsea Fridge…) etc etc
Vaughan My Chip
Nancy With the Laughing Plaice,
Poor Batterfly,
My Favourite Fins Sitting on ha-dock of the bay
Cody and Sole..
Should I ray or should I roe now?
Whiting for the Sun?
Frying without wings
Whale kipper whelk – om in the eel side
Nets get it on
‘Ozzie’ Osborn The Dace of Wine and Roses?Whale meat again?
Two Bass Hit
Love For Sail ..
Stella by Starfish ..
Come fry with me…
Rollin in the deep
prawn to run
Emplaiceable you
A fishy day in Lobster town…….
Gunard Only Knows
Farm That Bream
Eel Meet Again
Roe Roe Roe Your Boat
My Ray
Gherkin My Way Back To You
Stompin’ At The Saveloy
Is there a guy there who swears he’s Elvis?
Blue Monkfish
Build Me Up Batter cup.
Daybream Beleiver
Pasty Duchy
‘Chip Building’ by Soft Drink Machine
Pass the ‘mushy’ peas…
Hakey Breaky Heart.
Chip n salsa
We gotta get trout of this plaice
Gill Talk
Gone fishen!!
Chippady Do -Da
That`s all polloks
‘Goin’ Fishin”
‘Slap that Bass’
Prawn Free !
Somewhere over the rainbow Trout?
You’re getting to be a Halibut with Me ?
Fins can only get batter
Prawn to be wild …
Fish tea ways to leave your lover
Tina Tuna? Or Tuna Turner
You Hake Me Feel So Young
Ted Heath’s classic Tom Shark
Cod bless the child
Peas Be Kind
When You Fish Upon A Star
Stomping At The Saveloy
Bream Dancing
The Touch Of Your Chips
Frying Home
I’m always chasing rainbow trout,,followed by a medley of sole tunas
Sole Eyes
The Long And Winding Roe
Monkfish City Limits by Pike & Tuna Turner?
Eel meet again
Fry Me A Kipper
I Gotta Sea Bass by Sardine Taylor
Big Batter And Egg Man
Whale Meat Again?
chips n salsa
Haddock of the bay
Aint that a cod in the head?
We will rock you
There a bloke works down the chip shop thinks he’s Elvis
Cod Bless The Child,
For Evans hake
Eel wind?
Honeysuckle roes
Anybody’s sting ray but my own.
The night we cod it a day?
The night we called it a hake?
dolphin dance
Blue Fries?
Orange Coloured Fry

And since there is no race like the British for giving advice (rather than tunes), Derek got quite a bit of that too:

How about something by salmon Dave
Something by Monkfish and Max Roach perhaps.
Do some Skate Bush
Ray Charles…
Doin any Wrap?
Anything by The Fortunas?
That’s a mushy title
Do you have a ‘bass’ player?…
Bit of Eely Dan…
‘ A few ideas there. Mullet over if you like.’
Any Fish from Merlin songs?
May be you should get Stephen Fry to come up with a few ideas!.
Or u could just spend the gig working on your ‘scales’!!

DEREK NASH responded: 

“Wow , Thanks all for a wonderful punny day, maybe come down to the gig itself and I’ll try them out on the audience.”

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  1. When having a good time at the gig itself, I announced a few of them and a gentleman in the audience asked for Louis Jordan's “Saturday Night Fish Fry” !!!
    The one we all missed !

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