News : @esmeefairbairn funds NYJO

Kings Place
This is the second time this quarter we’ve reported new funding to support jazz emerging from within this very building:  just seven floors above us here at Kings Place are the offices of the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation – on what happens to be the building’s fifth birthday, 2nd September.

At the beginning of July, the Foundation announced a grant for Jazzlines in Birmingham. Today the news is of a grant of £30,000 for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. It is unrestricted funding given with the objective of giving NYJO more truly national reach –  NYJO’s full story is on their website HERE.

Congratulations and best wishes to the team at NYJO – Nigel Tully, Stephen Chamberlain, Mark Armstrong and Sean Corby. And great that the spirit of jazz (here’s Kings Place’s The Base Programme which kicks of on 21 Sep with Kit Downes) is thriving in this birthdaying building. 

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