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Dave ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski in London

Rob Edgar writes:

We have a two-part interview recorded (now in the editing process) with guitarist Dave Fiuczynski, recorded ahead of his début appearance at Ronnie Scott’s with Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Gamak later that day, which I attended.

Compositionally, Mahanthappa is interesting: in the opening piece Waiting is Forbidden, blocks of repeated semitonal riffs played by Rudresh were underpinned by heavily syncopated guitar riffs from Fuze, bassist François Moutin’s piston-like speed and superhuman precision was intriguing as was drummer Dan Weiss’ rigorous drumming.

The group seemed to be split into two halves; the interplay between Mahanthappa and Fiuczynski was evident when they Fuze mimicked Mahanthappa’s tone using his the fretless neck of his double-necked guitar, and Weiss and Moutin played off each other expertly. The most striking moment of that gig came when the band performed a live ‘fade-out’, leaving just Fiuczynski playing his electric guitar with the volume at zero. The audience at Ronnie’s were so enthralled/quiet that you could hear every note coming from the stage.

The interview which we will publish is in two parts: some introductory questions and answers with Sebastian – we sense that there is a musician buzz about this music but that it will also be unfamiliar to many – followed by a conversation about specific compositions with London-based guitarist/composer Ant Law (PARENTAL ADVISORY: will contain microtones).

The Ronnie Scott’s gig was recorded by Jazz on 3 for transmission on September 23rd.

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