Podcast: Interview with Mike Gibbs – "I wanted it to develop with these players" (Kings Place 12 Oct)

Interview with Mike Gibbs by Mike Gibbs, LondonJazz

We spoke to composer Mike Gibbs by phone from his home in Spain ahead of his gig at the Whirlwind Festival on Saturday 12th October, launching the new album Mike Gibbs + 12 (more information HERE) which is half a celebration of Gil Evans’ music, and half a collection of new and original pieces by Gibbs.

“As we did more gigs,” says Mike Gibbs, “I gradually felt the need to let the personalities of the players come through, in the solos – and also in some of the intuitive things […]. My start was Gil’s idea but I wanted it to develop with these players.”

The album – released on Whirlwind – features artists like Percy Pursglove, Hans Koller, Michael Janisch, Julian Siegel, Finn Peters, Jeff Williams and more.

Musical Excerpts:

Bilbao Song at 6:40

Tennis Anyone? at 10:14

Tickets HERE

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