Liam Noble reflecting on "angry tunes"

Photo Voigtlaender/WDR

Pianist Liam Noble is currently writing a tour blog, in which he is being reflective on his craft. The idea was suggested to him by people at the Arts Council who have funded the Brother Face Tour – our previous feature on the tour is HERE.

In Liam’s new, fourth post – yes, he’s getting into his stride! – he looks candidly at some of – normally hidden – preparatory thoughts he has before performing.  Here’s a telling extract from the new post. Read the full piece HERE

“I [.] like the idea of not going back, of starting a tune that never returns in the same form, and this sometimes involves not writing tunes that are too tuneful otherwise they will sound like they want to come back. And when you don’t bring them back, the tunes get angry with you. Angry tunes don’t sound good, you have to keep them in their proper environment, treat them with respect. They become like people; or cats.”

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