News: JazzUK published today has feature about LondonJazz News

Sebastian writes: 

Thank you John Lyons of JazzUk for publishing a 3-page feature about LondonJazz News in the new issue 113 (cover above)  published today. The article is HERE (p20-22 of the pdf)

Because of limited space in the magazine, two paragraphs which we sent in were omitted. For the interest of readers they are reproduced here. First is a very flattering (thank you!) piece from Jack Davies, the second is a short section based on our reader stats. 


The reason why LondonJazz has achieved such influential status is because Seb strives to put forward the voice, the enthusiasm, the energy of the musician. Previews from band leaders and composers cut straight through to that excitement, without the traditional dilution of press releases, trend-setters, pundits…

The trust which Seb gives his writers, the free rein to express themselves are brave and impressive. He is rooted in real connections to musicians and gig attendance at the heart of the scene. The contribution which LondonJazz News makes to scene is singularly and vitally important.

London Jazz is an important voice for UK jazz on the internet. As time passes, the site becomes an essential channel to broadcast the voices of Britain’s jazz musicians to the world. Digital influence analysis tools confirm this statement, and show that Seb’s work on the site has positioned London at the centre of the international jazz conversation online.


A poignant statistic is that among the nearly four thousand pieces we have published since LondonJazz started in January 2009, the three which have had the largest readership have all concerned the tragically early deaths of jazz musicians: the passing of drummer Chris Dagley in 2010, and of trumpeters Abram Wilson in July 2012 and of Richard Turner in August 2011. 

Both Abram Wilson and Richard Turner had written for the site. From where we sit, we can literally feel the shock -waves which go through the community at such moments.

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