Podcast: Interview with Philip Clouts

Interview with Philip Clouts by Philip Clouts, LondonJazz

We spoke to pianist/composer Philip Clouts about the story of his musical career so far.

After studying studying anthropology at Cambridge, Clouts realised that “I”d been studying other people’s culture, but I wanted to contribute something to my own”.

It was this realisation that led to the formation of Zubop in the eighties, a London-based group highly influenced by music from Africa.

Now, as well as Zubop, Clouts has formed the Philip Clouts Quartet with Jon Desbruslais (dr), Alex Keen (b), and Carlos Lopez-Real (sax). The group have just released their latest album The Hour of Pearl which uses a diverse range of influences from around the world, including an Indian harmonium in C sharp…

Musical Exceprts

Zubop – Zoza at 6:03
Philip Clouts Quartet – The Hour of Pearl at 11:29
Philip Clouts Quartet – Delta at 14:43
Philip Clouts Quartet – Nyassa Lullaby at 17:50

Tour Dates:

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