The Thrill is Back! – CD Birthdays Birthdays (2000) from the Stan Sulzmann Big Band

Sebastian writes:

About 10 years ago I must have lent my copy of the Stan Sulzmann Big Band CD Birthdays Birthdays (Village Life, 2000) to someone. The album was recorded around the time of his 50th. It has been listed as unobtainable for many years, so I’ve had quite some time to get used to the idea of being without it

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However, talking to Stan Sulzmann on Saturday I have discovered that there ARE copies. I got hold of one from him, and put it straight on the car CD. It is as fabulous as I remember. There will be a track on an interview which Peter Quinn and I recorded for The Arts Desk about the EFG London Jazz Festival (link to follow).

In the sleeve note, Jenny Ricotti describes Stan’s arrangements as having “intricacy and intensity.” And some: track 5, The Thrill Has Gone, a trumpet feature for the late Derek Watkins, will make any jaw drop any day.

The thrill hasn’t gone. It’s back. Stan Sulzmann is about to deposit a stock with Jazz CDs, for sale at £10. It will be live on their site soon, I’m told.   

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