UPDATE / Preview: Florian Weber/ Billy Martin/ Bob van Luijt Trio. Vortex Oct 7.

Dutch bassist Bob van Luijt (centre) previews his trio gig with German pianist Florian Weber (left) and American drummer Billy Martin (right) – Vortex October 7th

When I was thirteen, I lived in a small village in the Netherlands with just one small CD shop. The guy in the store showed me and my friends (of course these friends were also band members) a new album by John Scofield called: A Go Go which featured the great trio Medeski, Martin and Wood. Ever since, I’ve been a big fan and follower of this group and their music.

As time went by, I studied in Holland and Boston, did a lot of different musical projects with others and my own bands. It was during one of these projects (with Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans) that I met Florian Weber. Flo (as we call him) is one of those guys I clicked with immediately. I asked him to join my group Square Orange (album release October 25th!) but we always kept the idea of doing something with a trio, and this is when Billy Martin’s name came up. I called Flo and asked him: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to ask Billy to work with us?”. Needless to say Flo liked the plan as much as I did and when Billy played with his group Wicked Knee in the Bimhuis in Amsterdam I approached him to ask him to work with us.

It happened. We are on tour in the first week of October and will be at the Vortex on the 7th.

See you all there!

(Bob van Luijt brought  a trio including Cuong Vu to the Vortex in February 2012)

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