Robbie Robson’s Eclipse Trumpet stolen – WITH UPDATE

UPDATE 8th OCT:  Trumpeter / composer Robbie Robson writes: 

Just an update to say I have my trumpet back! I’ve posted the news on Facebook, but wanted to say a massive thank you to you for so kindly helping me to spread the word. A fellow trumpeter who I don’t know directly spotted it in a bric-a-brac shop in Brixton, and remembered seeing the post on Facebook, so got in contact with me- I went and bought it for £50 today [..] to be honest I’m just happy to have it back. So, relief all round. Thanks again.

ORIGINAL POST 24th SEPT: Trumpeter / composer Robbie Robson writes:

I had my very distinctive trumpet (brown lacquer, old-style rear-tuned Eclipse with a Large Yellow bell) stolen by an unscrupulous mini-cab driver who drove off with my stuff this weekend in Battersea, and I have been trying to find ways of spreading the word, just in case anyone tries to sell it, or sees it somewhere. 

Online crime reference with Lavender Hill Police 0320 402 / 13

Eclipse Trumpets

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