Podcast: Interview with Jay Phelps

Interview with Jay Phelps by Jay Phelps, LondonJazz

We spoke to trumpeter Jay Phelps from Vancouver (but based in London) about his gig at the Hippodrome (Jay’s Jitter Jive) on the 22nd November at 8:00pm (EFG London Jazz Festival) with his octet. They play classic swing music from, Cab Calloway to Duke Ellington to Lionel Hampton.

There will also be a dance class before the concert (starts 19:00).

We also chatted about his new project – Projections of Miles, the first of what will hopefully be a series of projections of different jazz giants – featuring musicians like Soweto Kinch and Tim Thornton.


Musical Excerpt

Nefertiti – Miles Davis (Nefertiti. 1967, Columbia) at 09:19

Hippodrome tickets HERE

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