Podcast: Interview with Alex Bonney and Jim Hart (Loop Collective Day at Kings Place – 16th Nov/LJF)

Interview with Alex Bonney and Jim Hart by LondonJazz

We spoke to Alex Bonney an Jim Hart about their EFG London Jazz Festival one-day Loop Collective festival at Kings Place beginning at 15:00 on 16th of November (running alongside day two of Fiona Talkington’s Scene Norway 2). We also hear a sneak preview of Splice’s new album (launched at 17:30 in the St Pancras Room).


Splice: 5.30pm

Splice  Launch of Double CD Silent Spoke
Alex Bonney – trumpet and electronics
Robin Fincker – tenor sax and clarinet
Dave Smith – drums
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – bass guitar/electronics

The Rich Tailors & Mirror Double Bill, 7.30pm


Dan Nicholls – keyboards/electronics/visuals – bandleader
Matt Calvert – guitar/electronics
Dave Smith – drums/electronics

A new collaboration with one of New-York visual artists, Stephen Byram


Robin Fincker – tenor saxophone and clarinet
Vincent Courtois – cello,
Daniel Erdmann -tenor saxophone
Alcyona Mick – piano
Paul Clarvis – drums.

Cat’s Cradle feat. Stian Westerhus:  10.45pm

Alex Bonney – trumpet, electronics
Robin Fincker – sax, clarinet
Jim Hart – vibes
Dave Manington – double bass
Dan Nicholls – keys
Dave Smith – drums
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – electric bass, electronics
Stian Westerhus – guitar

More information HERE

Musical Excerpt:

The Whistler at 9:00

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