Dave Holland (and Joe Mudele) at Ronnie Scott’s

Dave Holland helping Joe Mudele onto the stage
Ronnie Scott’s Nov 2013. Photo credit: Benjamin Amure

Sebastian writes:

A few weeks ago we had an entry for our weekly newsletter prize draw for a copy of Dave Holland’s album Prism from the 93-year old bassist Joe Mudele, who has inspired many younger players and who was continuing to play his Monday gig in Bexley until just a few months ago.

I discovered that he had played alongside Dave Holland in the 1960’s. We withdrew Joe from the prize draw competition, but asked Sony and Ronnie Scott’s to see if we could arrange something special. These pictures show Dave receiving a his personal copy of the new album at Sunday’s show.  (Thanks to all who have been involved to make this happen).

We understand Saturday November 2nd was a special anniversary too, with nostalgia and high emotions. Speaking from the stage at the Saturday show, (I’m told this, and I hope I’ve got it right?) Dave Holland remembered that November 2nd 1968 was the day Miles Davis heard him play on that same stage at Ronnie Scott’s which led two weeks later to the call to fly to join Miles’ band in New York.

This music, which is all about human connection and re-connection, lives. How could it not?


Joe Mudele, Dave Holland
Ronnie Scott’s Nov 2013. Photo credit: Benjamin Amure

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  1. At the Sunday 3 Nov show, which the photos are from, Dave Holland paid tribute to Kenny Wheeler – who was in the audience. He said that Kenny had been a great influence upon him and taught him much about composing, and that it had been great to have played and recorded so much with Kenny.
    It is also worth noting that the power and virtuosity of Prism is mind blowing – another fantastic Dave Holland group.

  2. Lovely piece about a lovely event. But (forgive the nitpicking) the date that Miles heard Dave at Ronnie's was not in November. The November 1968 Downbeat magazine, if I remember rightly, carried my review of Bill Evans at Ronnie's and mentioned that the day previous to my visit (not stated, but it would have been July 9 1968) Miles had commented to the then London-resident Philly Joe that Dave ought to join Miles's group. The information was given to me by bassist Andrew Evans, who had spoken backstage to a rather gobsmacked Dave and learned this from his lips. Just thought you would like to know…

  3. This should clear it up – it came in from a good friend by email (thank you!) :

    The story Dave told on stage was that he (Dave) went to the US in 68.

    On the 1st Nov 1969 he came back to the UK with Miles and played at another London venue, and then at Ronnie’s on the 2nd Nov 1969.

  4. It was a privilege to stand – for a few moments – alongside Dave Holland on Sunday. PRISM is simply awesome – a Masterclass from all 4 musicians. Thank you so much to all who made this evening happen.
    Joe Mudele

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