Preview: Jazz Nursery’s EFG London Jazz Festival Day. Sunday 17th November

Chris Batchelor

Dom James writes:

Here at Jazz Nursery, fast becoming one of London most successful new jazz clubs, we throw our weight behind the EFG London Jazz Festival 2013 with a superstar lineup all day festival that celebrates the birth of jazz and modern interpretations of New Orleans music and culture. There are many bands on the scene both here and abroad who are looking to the tradition for inspiration. This outlook however, is reflected not only in music but in fashion, food, architecture, film and many more. Pretty much every creative sector at the moment is going forwards with eyes fixed on their rear-views. At Jazz Nursery we’re trying to investigate why people want to go back and create something new from early jazz and other seminal New Orleans grooves.

We’re doing this by way of a monster programme on Sunday 17th November. A true festival within a festival with headliners include Pigfoot, a project from trumpeter Chris Batchelor featuring Liam Noble, Paul Clarvis, and Oren Marshall. We also have James Allsop (sax/clarinet) duo with Alex Bonney (electronics) and The Dixie Ticklers. Newcomers Nick Costley-White Trio, Miguel Gorodi NOLA Trio and Sam Watts’ Ragtime Hero complete the bill in what will be a riveting day in ones of London’s most exotic music spaces. We’re really excited that Apogee and SSE are providing recording equipment so that we can capture the day for the Jazz Nursery Live Archive on Soundcloud. We’d love to encourage people to check out what’s already on there from gigs over the last 12 months.

Doors are midday to midnight and £15 for all-day entry.

More information and tickets HERE

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