News: Dylan Howe Subterranean – New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin Kickstarter Album Campaign

Sebastian spoke to Dylan Howe this afternoon about his forthcoming album Subterranean – New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin:

A Personal Project:

This studio album involving re-interpretations of Bowie songs has been a major undertaking and preoccupation for Dylan Howe for many years. Some of the music was previewed as long ago as the 2007 London Jazz Festival with a gig at Cargo.

Some of the recording was done in February 2011, after a TOUR WHICH WE INTERVIEWED DYLAN ABOUT AT THE TIME with other sessions since. “It’s the most complete and the best thing I’ve done to date” – says Howe

The band consists of Ross Stanley on keyboard and Mark Hodgson on bass, saxophonists Julian Siegel and Brandon Allen, with Adrian Utley: guitar. Dylan’s father Steve Howe joins the band on Koto in the track Moss Garden

More about the musical background to the project is HERE

Kickstarter campaign

The heat is definitely on for Dylan Howe this month. He has raised 55% of his all-or-nothing Kickstarter Campaign which closes on November 21st.

The whole experience, he reckons,  has been a positive one.  Among the options on offer, both the heavy high quality vinyl and the offer including VIP gig passes have proved popular.

Howe feels he has learnt a lot from doing it. “It’s not just about the money. Through all the messaging and interacting, the main thing I’ve found is that it does start to build a community. It has made me improve how I do things, responding and updating, getting more organised. It keeps pressure on you and keeps you focussed”

Kickstarter campaign

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