Love Supreme 2014 confirmed for July 4-6 2014/ Super Early Bird Offer

After a successful 2013 first festival, Love Supreme Jazz Festival has confirmed that the festival is happening again in 2014. July 4-6.

There is a Super Early Bird Offer :”if purchased before next Friday 22nd November, a weekend camping ticket is only £89 (that’s £30 cheaper than usual). Similar discounts are available across all ticket types.”

LondonJazz News: Is there a hint / a clue / nudge / wink of any headliners yet?
Love Supreme: I’m afraid not!

So, as Shakespeare would say : “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see, The pretty follies that themselves commit”

Anyone wanting to commit a pretty folly, or indeed take up the Super Early Bird Love Supreme Offer – SHOULD CLICK HERE

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  1. Minor moan. The 15 minute overlap on the performances! Do we miss the last 20 mins of the first act or the first 20 mins of the next act? Rather annoying as there were some terrific artists last year. Highly recommended anyway – nice venue, amiable crowd, party spirit, plenty to eat and drink.

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