A Tuesday with American guests at the 606 (LJF)

Reuben James, Rachael Cohen, Alphonso Horne, Ruben Fox. Photo credit Melody Mclaren

Was the phrase ‘drop-down menu made for the 606 Club? Photographer Melody Mclaren was at the 606 to catch on camera her fellow Americans who happened to drop down for the late night session last night (on the day of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address).


Joining  Reuben James‘s group with Rachael Cohen and Ruben Fox were JLCO trumpeter Alphonso Horne (above).

Ferg Ireland (bass – below) found himself sharing the stand with drummer Jason Marsalis.

Ferg Ireland, Jason Marsalis. Photo credit: Melody Mclaren

Melody also caught the early set with Kit Downes and Julian Arguelles.

Kit Downes, Julian Arguelles. Photo credit Melody McLaren

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