Happy 65th Birthday Stan Sulzmann

A very happy 65th birthday to a giant of British jazz Stan Sulzmann, whose Neon Orchestra will be at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham tonight. A couple of quotes from our recent LJF Preview:

“I know that if I had to just had to walk out and make music with someone, he’d be at the top of the list, the music is so heartfelt, it’s such a natural thing.” Gwilym Simcock

“Great writing, great playing, a great musician. He’s a fine example of a saxophonist who’s worked in many different spheres, an example to musicians on any instrument. It’s all about the music and his sound, and also about how much support he’s given to all us other musicians.” Julian Siegel.

And most medical conditions can be fixed and crimes solved with a quick fix of Stan playing the 1980’s  Poirot theme.

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  1. It was a lovely concert with a tremendous band, great arrangements of tunes by British composers by Stan and wonderful solos from all members of the band plus many by Stan. And the band played and the audience sang Happy Birthday!

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