Preview: The Golden Age of Steam at Kings Place. 21st December

James Allsopp Writes:

This is a little preview for our forthcoming gig at Kings Place. In 2012 we released a record on the Basho label called “Welcome to Bat Country“, it really changed the way that we made music together. Not only did the band grow with the addition of Ruth Goller on Bass and Alex Bonney on Trumpet and Electronics but the music evolved in a new direction, previously it had been concerned with a lot of spontaneous interplay within a very loosely structured framework, but on Welcome to Bat Country I really wanted to make something that was concerned chiefly with atmosphere and slowly evolving soundscapes that would transport the listener.

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As we have performed the music live since releasing the record this approach has grown and developed; the pacing of the music has slowed down so there is really a lot of time to hear the ideas mutate and change and for the listener to get lost in their imagination (I hope!)

We will be performing some old material and some new music about interplanetary tourists and even a song by Ivor Cutler about a man who is a sandwich (or should that be the other way around?)

James Allsopp – Reeds
Alex Bonney – Trumpet and Electronics
Kit Downes – Keyboards
Ruth Goller – Electric Bass
Tim Giles – Drums and Electronics

Tickets HERE

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