NEWS: finalists for European Young Artists’ Jazz Award Burghausen 2014 announced and include two British groups

The five finalists in contention for the EUR10,000 European Young Artists’ Jazz Award Burghausen 2014 have been announced.

The five include two UK groups. One UK group has previously won this award, Beats & Pieces Big Band in 2011. The competition takes place in the Bavarian town’s festival on 25th March.

The five finalists are:

1) The Berlin-based Igor Osypov Quartet

Igor Osypov – guitar (Ukraine)
Artur Tuznik – piano (Poland)
Martin Buhl – bass (Denmark)
Jesus Vega – drums (USA)

2) Elliot – three expatriate Danes now living in Germany and Sweden

Alex Jønsson: guitar
Jens Mikkel Madsen: double bass
Jakob Sørensen: trumpet

3) Levantino –  the local heroes, a trio from Bavaria

Michl Bloching vocals, accordion, clarinet
Tom Wörndl guitar
Max Bloching bass

4) Worldservice Project (UK)

Dave Morecroft keyboards
Tim Ower saxophone
Raphael Clarkson trombone
Conor Chaplin bass
Liam Waugh drums

5) Elliot Galvin Trio (UK) 

Elliot Galvin piano
Tom McGradie bass
Simon Roth drums


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