Newsletter Readers’ Prize: Volume 1 of Jamie Cullum’s The Eighty-Eight Journal Published

Rob Edgar writes: 

Volume 1 of Jamie Cullum‘s journal – The Eighty-Eight (‘an occasional magazine for the adventurous thinker’), has just been published. We have a copy as the prize draw for newsletter readers next Wednesday 22nd January.

Cullum’s interests range into literature, typography and design and it is beautifully produced. There are writings on jazz, cinema, the British Navy’s alcohol ration in the 18th century, Woody Allen, practical travel writing, and more (including the score to a tune by Cullum called Don’t Wait to Love). And a banana bread recipe.

Cullum has brought together a number of different writers including Pamela Hutchinson, Tom Tivnan, Sophie Dahl  (‘The Beautiful and The Damned’, an article about the history of the muse) , Josh Sims


The first copy will be our prize-draw in next week’s Newsletter.

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