NEWS: The Scotsman withdraws from reviewing world/classical/jazz. Tommy Smith’s response.

The offices of the Scotsman in Holyrood Road, Edinburgh since 1999, from which they will shortly be moving.
Tommy Smith has written an open letter (AND -UPDATE – SET UP A PETITION) about the Scotsman newspaper’s decision to withdraw from reviewing World music, classical and jazz music, the decision coinciding with Burns night, and also with the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. Tommy writes:

Dear Robert Burns and his descendants

On this sacred day, the Scotsman newspaper has taken the budgetary decision to end reviewing world music, classical and jazz recordings, which is a heart-breaking bowdlerization of minority art forms and another cessation for the popularization and liberality of creativity. They may publish occasional reviews in the future but only from their syndication agreements, as long as they don’t have to pay for them. Who knows where they’ll appear, as their current Saturday magazine is also going to the four winds.

The final jazz CD reviewed for the Scotsman is printed today and coincidentally is for an ECM album featuring Aril Andersen, Paolo Vinnacia and myself, entitled MIRA, a red giant star. It is irrelevant whether the review is rated one star or a sea monster five, what is relevant is that the recording is reviewed for the public to read. Gratefully, the Scotsman will continue to review rock/pop and folk music, but should there be favouritism among musical genres? Equality will keep your heart pure. Let’s hope, one day, they will fluctuate their focus and luminescence on jazz, classical and world music again, just like we do when we look up at the astonishing MIRA balanced in the cosmos.

One thing I am glad about, is that you, Rabbie Burns, wrote about things tiny and guid, like the mouse and the louse. “We’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,” from the illiberal Scotsman.

 Tommy Smith

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  1. If you can't put a price tag on it accountants will kill it! The quality and service that once was the Melody Maker, Jazz Journal, Jazz Monthly, then the NME counted for nothing with the money grabbers/investors/shareholders. Shame. Thank goodness for a certain Wednesday offering to look forward to………Dave Reid

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