Liveblogging from the WDR 3 Jazzfest in Gütersloh, home of Miele, Bertelsmann and Hans Werner Henze (with Byron and Percy)

Festival-goers at the WDR 3 Jazzfest. 2014 in Gütersloh
Photo Credit: Lutz Voigtlaender/ WDR

Sebastian writes:

I’ve been writing a blog about the WDR3 Jazzfest, which is being held this year in an astonishing modern building opened in 2010, the Theater Gütersloh.

Third and fourth from the left in the picture above are bassist/ trumpeter Percy Pursglove and (in this context) euphonium-player Byron Wallen, who will be performing tonight on the closing night as part of the Alexander Hawkins Nonet.

WDR 3 Jazzfest 2014 in Gütersloh
Photo Credit: Lutz Voigtlaender/ WDR

Gütersloh is a town of under 100,000 people, but is the base of operation of two genuine multinationals, the media group Bertelsmann and the domestic appliances group Miele, both of whom supported the construction of the theatre.

It was also the birthplace of composer Hans Werner Henze. And the site of a British RAF base. The British military will leave Germany by 2018.

– I’ve written about my impressions of the building  in a review of this year’s WDR Jazz Prize Concert

– The other pieces are HERE.  

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