"Radio 4 on Music" has documentaries about the Black Consciousness Movement, Louis Armstrong and Township Music

Thank you Peter Marsh for flagging up the “Radio 4 for Music” music radio documentary series, available as streamed audio and downloadable podcasts from the BBC.

The Radio 4 on Music homepage, with a complete, regularly updating list is here.

 All the programmes for streaming are here

Today, “Black Is a Country”, made by Peter in 2012 has gone up – produced by Simon Hollis, with contributions from the late Amiri Baraka, Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp …(See Review)

Description: Singer/songwriter Erykah Badu tells how the Black Power movement changed American music forever in the 1960s. From free jazz to the first stirrings of hip hop, this is a story of when the new music met the new politics. Amiri Baraka, Archie Shepp and the Last Poets’ Abiodun Oyewole offer reflections on a turbulent time in American history. Contains repeated use of language which may offend.


A couple of earlier episodes to mention:

Jazz historian Helen Mayhew looks at the remarkable life of Louis Armstrong as told through his archive of tape recordings, covering his personal life as well as his music. Broadcast 1998

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“In this 2005 edition of BBC Radio 4’s Archive Hour, Journalist Ofeibea Quist-Arcton explores how South African ‘pop’ music came into being. It’s the story of a music often struggling to exist in oppressive, uncertain and violent times. She meets musicians who were there at the start, including Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba, and also wonders if the music of a united South Africa has the same edge as that made under apartheid”


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