NEWS: Tom McCredie is Recipient of Richard Turner Jazz Fund Award 2014

Tom McCredie

Congratulations to double-bassist Tom McCredie – now in his final year of the Jazz B. Mus. Programme at the Royal Academy of Music – who has just been announced as the second recipient of an award from the Richard Turner Jazz Fund.

McCredie will receive £1000 towards a specific area of help with his studies.

Christine, the mother of the late Richard Turner (who died suddenly in August 2011, and in whose memory the award was set up) has said:

We are delighted to continue to award this fund following the high emotions of the wonderful memorial concert in July 2012. Growing up, Richard went through the youth music scene in the Yorkshire area and he was always appreciative of the grounding he received. Richard was proud of his heritage and we felt it was appropriate to direct the support toward this region where possible. I will always be grateful for the opportunities the Academy gave Richard, and the hard work that has gone into establishing this fund. There were many deserving applicants but I particularly enjoyed reading Tom’s account of his early experiences of the jazz scene in West Yorkshire, as they were so reminiscent of those of Richard. We felt there was an added connection through Tom’s support of the Con Cellar Bar and his performance on Richard’s composition “Too Minor” on Reuben Fowler’s Big Band CD. I hope that this award will be of some help to him at this critical time in his studies and as he embarks on his career as a professional jazz musician.”

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