A 450-year old Valentine. Has it ever been improved upon?

Sebastian writes:

This expression of love, Bon Jour Mon Coeur, music by Orlando de Lassus, words by Michel Ronsard, was first published 450 years ago, in1564.

Both Matthew Wright and I made jazz suggestions to the huge 23-contributor cross-art form Valentine’s Day compendium  at The Arts Desk (behind a paywall). Matthew’s was Chet Baker singing My Funny Valentine, mine was unrequited Dexter Gordon: I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry. 

But as I did so, I wondered if anyone has ever done it better than these guys, Roland from Mons in Belgium, not quite three hundred years before the country even existed, and Michel from the forests to the west of Alençon in France.

If there are singers out there, grab the out-of copyright sheet music HERE .

Your Valentine’s Day jazz suggestions please.

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